Geometric squeezing of rotating quantum gases into the lowest Landau level

Valentin Crépel, Ruixiao Yao, Biswaroop Mukherjee, Richard J. Fletcher, Martin Zwierlein


Geometric Squeezing

The simulation of quantum Hall physics with rotating quantum gases is witnessing a revival due to recent experimental advances that enabled the observation of a Bose-Einstein condensate entirely contained in its lowest kinetic energy state, i.e. the lowest Landau level. We theoretically describe this experimental result, and show that it can be interpreted as a squeezing of the geometric degree of freedom of the problem, the guiding center metric. This “geometric squeezing” offers an unprecedented experimental control over the quantum geometry in Landau-level analogues, and at the same time opens a realistic path towards achieving correlated quantum phases akin to quantum Hall states with neutral atoms.