Long-Lived Ultracold Molecules with Electric and Magnetic Dipole Moments

Timur M. Rvachov, Hyungmok Son, Ariel T. Sommer, Sepehr Ebadi, Juliana J. Park, Martin W. Zwierlein, Wolfgang Ketterle, Alan O. Jamison

Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 143001 (2017)


We create fermionic dipolar 23Na6Li molecules in their triplet ground state from an ultracold mixture of 23Na and 6Li. Using magneto-association across a narrow Feshbach resonance followed by a two-photon STIRAP transfer to the triplet ground state, we produce 3×10^4 ground state molecules in a spin-polarized state. We observe a lifetime of 4.6s in an isolated molecular sample, approaching the p-wave universal rate limit. Electron spin resonance spectroscopy of the triplet state was used to determine the hyperfine structure of this previously unobserved molecular state.